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BrochéFabricant: Collins - ASIN: 0007428286 - EAN: 9780007428281

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Tomorrow is Linnie´s birthday, and all she wants is to see the bore: a tidal wave about to crash down the estuary. But there´s a problem on the farm and (to her sister´s delight) mum says she can´t go. Desperate to see it, Linnie makes a big mistake, but finds help from an unlikely source in this gripping story by award-winning author Ally Kennan. * Pearl/Band 18 books offer fluent readers a complex, substantial text with challenging themes to facilitate sustained comprehension, bridging the gap between a reading programme and longer chapter books. * Text type: An adventure story. * Curriculum links: Citizenship: Choices. * This book has been quizzed for Accelerated Reader

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