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Competition Law

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Richard Whish and David Bailey´s Competition Law is the definitive textbook on this subject. The authors´ authoritative treatment of the area is matched by a lively and easy-to-follow writing style, making this book an indispensable resource for undergraduate and postgraduate law and economics students, as well as for practitioners and officials involved in competition law. Explaining the economic context within which competition law operates in the UK, EU and internationally, the authors look at the constituent parts of the law and analyze how they affect commercial phenomena. Key aspects are examined in detail, including mergers, horizontal and vertical agreements, the Abuse of Dominance, Intellectual Property and the obligations of Member States under the EC. The book also scrutinizes fundamental Acts and Articles - Competition Act 1998; Enterprise Act 2002; Articles 101 and 102 - providing readers with context, consequences and an overview of how these are applied in practice. Online Resource Centre The Online Resource Centre that accompanies this edition of the book contains an author video podcasts, articles from the authors, useful web links, and extended versions of the tables in the text. This book is essential reading for students, practitioners and officials seeking a respected, reliable, intelligent and critical approach to competition law.

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