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Madame Pamplemousse and Her Incredible Edibles

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BrochéFabricant: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC - ASIN: 0747592306 - EAN: 9780747592303 - Modèle: FBA-|281025

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Madame Pamplemousse is the story of Madeleine, forced to work in her unpleasant uncle´s horrible restaurant, The Squealing Pig. By chance she comes across the most marvellous shop, run by Madame Pamplemousse, which is quiet, discreet, yet full of delicious and otherworldly ´edibles´ - Pterodactyl Bacon, Scorpion Tails in Smoked Garlic Oil, and Great Squid Tentacle in Jasmine-Scented Jelly. A quiet comradeship develops between Madeleine, Madame Pamplemousse, and Madame´s cat, Camembert. And together they create some wonderful culinary magic. Exquisite, beautifully formed prose that has echoes of Angela Carter belies a narrative that is full of pace. A wonderful fairy tale that will appeal to both adults and children.

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