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Freedom´s Fire Box Set, Books 1-6: The Complete Military Space Opera Series

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The best-selling, epic space adventure, Freedom´s Fire: the complete series of six audiobooks, in one box set.

It was never a question of if the aliens would come, it was only ever when. 

The first interstellar war, a generation ago, left humanity enslaved. Now, humans fight in the armies of their masters to save themselves from annihilation. 

At least, that´s what the propaganda insists is true. What the layers of lies keep hidden is how badly the new war is going for the people of earth.

Now, it´s Dylan Kane´s turn to blast into the heavens and join the battle, but what his masters don´t know is that, by putting a weapon in his hands, they´re giving him the key to unlocking his hopes of freedom.

When the rail-gun slugs are tearing through his ship and the vacuum is sucking the life out of his wounded friends, will Dylan´s years of repressed rage turn into enough bravery to make his dream come true?

The Freedom´s Fire series in this special edition includes:

  • Audiobook one: Freedom´s Fire
  • Audiobook two: Freedom´s Fury
  • Audiobook three: Freedom´s Fray
  • Audiobook four: Freedom´s Fist
  • Audiobook five: Freedom´s Fall
  • Audiobook six: Freedom´s Fate

A number one best seller in space marine science fiction.

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