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AllinFun - Your Movie, TV Show, Actor/Actress Library

AllinFun - Your Movie, TV Show, Actor/Actress Library

  • You can add movies and tv series that you watched or will watch to your lists.
  • You can discover new movies and tv series from the lists on the search screen like popular movies/tv series, top-rated movies/tv series, upcoming ones, ones in cinema/tv.
  • You can see the recommendations for a movie or a tv series in it's detail page.
  • You can see the information of a movie or tv series in the related detail page like ratings, top-rated user comments, cast and crew information, soundtracks, trailer, streaming platforms, social media pages, IMDb page, etc.
  • You can see the upcoming movies and tv series episodes in your calendar and get notification. You can also enable/disable calendar and notification features for every single movie, tv series and person.
  • You can mark the seasons and episodes of a tv series so that you will know where you left. Also, you can see some information about an episode in the related episode page.
  • You can add the actors/actresses, directors and writers who you like and see the information about them in the related detail pages like biography, social media pages, their movies and tv series, etc.
  • You can see the upcoming movies and tv series of a person who is in your list in the calendar and get notification when a person in your list has a new movie or a tv series.
  • You can share a movie, tv series, person you like or your statistics with your friends via social media platforms.
  • You can back up your data manually. This process will create a file, AllinFun.json, under internal storage/Download. You should copy this file and paste it to the same place in your new device. Then, you should go to the settings in AllinFun and click on Restore option.

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