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Beauty Makeup Perfect Selfie Camera

Beauty Makeup Perfect Selfie Camera

  • Beauty Makeup contains more than 50 makeup styles and 100 filters. It is a professional selfie camera.
  • MUST-HAVE for those who like to take selfies!
  • Make up, to be a shining woman.
  • Make up, to be a fashion queen.
  • Make up, to forget all the annoyance.
  • Make up, to be a confident person.
  • What’s the most popular feature now? It’s Makeup!
  • Yes! We have added makeup and beauty feature, and you can use Beauty Makeup to make up now! Variety of makeups, just for you! your eyes. What an amazing you!
  • Take a selfie of yourself, and give it a flawless look, with numerous beauty makeup options like face foundation, in order, to tune your face, lipstick and blushes, getting rid of blemishes like acne or pimples, dark spots etc. using a blemishes remover, whiten teeth and skin, eye beauty enhancer, eye makeup and some amazing beauty accessories.
  • Complement your face makeup with some mesmerising emotionics.
  • Explore the acne or pimples remover and blemishes remover options, for a clear and flawless skin. Tune your face, by using this face beauty makeup app, for a complete makeover of your pic.
  • Key features of beauty selfie camera
  • 1. Selfie camera option to take a pic.
  • 2. Face foundation
  • 2. Blemishes remover
  • Pimples remover
  • Use this acne or pimples remover, to completely remove the pimples or acne, for a good skin tone, and
  • make it acne or pimples free. Get a clear and beautiful skin, by eliminating
  • pimples or acne, using this acne or pimples remover.
  • Dark spot remover
  • Enhance your face beauty by getting rid of the dark spots.
  • Wrinkles remover
  • Eliminate the wrinkles and improve the skin tone.
  • Pigmentation remover
  • Improve your skin tone by removing any kind of pigmentation.
  • Remove the blemishes, manually as well as automatically, by using this blemishes remover. For a clear skin,
  • eliminate all the acne or pimples, using the acne or pimples remover.
  • 3. Lip color changer
  • 4. Eye makeup
  • Eye color changer
  • Number of options for changing your eye color.
  • Eye enlargement
  • Make your eye look beautiful by enlarging it.
  • Eye brightening
  • This eye makeup option enables us to brighten the eye.
  • Dark circle remover
  • Any dark circles around the eye can be removed by using this eye makeup option.
  • Eye lashes toner
  • Tune your eye lashes and enhance your face beauty by using this eye makeup option.
  • 5. Makeup blushes
  • 6. Whitening makeover
  • Whiten your skin using this skin whitening option.
  • 7. Blur makeup filter
  • Give your pic a blurry look by using the blur filter options of this face makeup app.
  • Beauty selfie camera is one of the best makeup apps for a trendy makeover. Download this top face beauty makeup app, for free, for a unique makeover of your pic, and tune your face for a beautiful skin
  • One of the unique features of this face makeover app is, the beauty accessories options. Tune your face, by applying a variety of makeup, for a trendy makeover.

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