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Street View Tracer

Street View Tracer

  • 1. Manual Street View Tracing :
  • Select point on map and touch the arrow provided in title panel to start street view tracing. The point can be selected by below 4 options:
  • * Search the street address by touching search icon near title. Please avoid the business name for address to appear in the list. Recommended street address only.
  • * Long press the marker and Move to the desired location.
  • * Long press on the map, the dialog will appear to select touched location.
  • * Touch the GPS button provided on top-right corner.
  • Once started, on the next screen you can manually navigate the street view by touching the street view direction arrows. The tracing path will be drawn by red line on map.
  • 2. Automated Street View Tracing :
  • Select start and end point on map and touch the arrow provided in title panel. Point can be selected by the 4 options mentioned above. You can also provide the tracing path option (walking, cycling, driving), by touching the option icon provided on title panel. The default option is walking. Once started, on the next screen street view will navigation automatically from start point to end point (on the red line path on map as per the selected tracing option) and the pegman will move on the map showing current location. The auto-navigation can be paused and continued by touching pause-play icon provided on title panel. Once navigation paused, you can manually navigate and use zoom. The Gray line will show your manual navigation. Once navigation finished, it can be restarted by clicking on same pause-continue button.
  • 3. Trace Current Location :
  • GPS needs to be enabled for this option. You can explore the street view around you on the go.

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