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Real Estate Investing Guide

Real Estate Investing Guide

  • -why you should invest in properties : sense of owning, leveraging your investments, using other people's money
  • -how to start in real estate investments - includes step by step guide towards investing in real estate or properties
  • - researching - is it tenantable? is the price i pay is the fair value? how about the location mantra? Can i expect more in terms of capital appreciation? How about the rental income?
  • - types of property - explains the differences of underconstruction, auctions and subsale properties
  • - capital/loans - explains home loans used, what other cost you should expect before buying properties, how to gather capital, what other source can you find for accumulate capital, which loans are the best loans
  • - joint ventures - one step towards building your own empire. How you can benefit from networking, the power of trust among your friends, a step towards creating a company
  • - Sublet - what if you dont have the money? What if you just wanted to try investing in real estate without you own the property? This section explains what is sublet
  • - Auctions - foreclosures, reasons why auctions take place, getting and acquiring below market properties
  • - rental - how rent is the source of income for property tycoons, tenant pay for our house, differences between assets and liability
  • - real estate calculator - include mortgage loan calculator, return on investment (ROI) calculator, profit/loss calculator, stamp duty, legal fees.

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