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Simfone Droid

Simfone Droid

  • - Call all your friends and family direct with Simfone-Id or your own Simfone Tel.No. from your country free - Thanks over million people using Simfone and iMeetChat, with daily highly growing tendencies of users over the world.
  • - With your Simfone number, much better then any local landlines phone numbers, receive and call voice and video call from no matter where you are anytime.
  • - Call your world from Simfone - Talk to your heart content with free voice and video calls to all your friends and family on Simfone.
  • - We guarantee you lowest cost calls and SMS to mobiles and landlines on market - Keep in touch, even if they are not on Simfone, with low cost calls and SMS to mobiles and landlines to anywhere in any country, you need no worry about keep in contact with the people who matter most you.
  • - Send SMS to any Simfone number/ Simfone mobile numbers or to any mobile number from Sim-Card providers.
  • - Send free favourite photo and snaps to an email by simple click, instead worry about expensive MMS charges or function devices.
  • - Make voice or video call to anyone, anywhere, anytime on smartphone, tablets and desktop. Simple to install and activate direct on Call.Nilamy.Com or on Google,Amazone and more retailers. We offer to best and simple work on all mobile,tablet and pc Simfone (latest), Simfone MB14, Simfone MB15 and Simfone MB2 for voice and video call and iChat for Instant messages and group Chat. - Free unlimited video messaging to all Simfone (latest in more then 5 country actually) - Simple manage your balance and credit under Myaccount, with no risk prepaid use. For register more then 3 Simfone number, Simfone mobile number or any question contact us by direct click here or simple from your Simfone App. Forget about having a mobile cell phone number – make and receive calls from anywhere in the world We offer Telecommunication and Internet services as backbone provider since 1999 to many companies and retailers worldwide. Our support Team will answere all you questions 1-2 workingday. For more information about using Simfone App, view our youtube channel or contact us by click here. Check this out!
  • Call friends and family in any country for free by voice or video call on Simfone.

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